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          James H. Lemon, a member of the Missouri House of Representatives from Nodaway County, introduced House Bill No. 311, also known at the time as the "Nodaway County Normal Bill." Fighting against strong opposition in the House, Lemon is credited with establishing the Fifth District Normal School in Maryville, MO.The Old Seminary, which was the first Maryville teacher's academy, was built in 1890.The Seminary was located on First Street near present-day Memory Lane.The trustees of the Seminary agreed to sell the land and building to the City of Maryville on condition that it become part of the inducement to bring the Normal School to Maryville.The other inducement to get the Normal School was the Gaunt Nursery.  Pictured is a hand-written note by Thomas Gaunt on Gaunt Nursery Stationary.

          玛丽维尔一直热衷于收购高等教育机构从19世纪。 “正常的学校”的教师教育被打开,被称为神学院,这是最初没有国家资助,而是由卫理公会教堂,而资金。卫理公会一直支持自19世纪30年代这样的学校的建设。玛丽维尔神学院始建于1889年,曾在前院一个高尔夫球场。

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